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In 2019 we wanted to push ourselves beyond our limits, we were to quadruple 2018’s efforts and hit targets that seemed impossible. So did we achieve our goal? Keep reading to see.

Processed Transactions Trend


From inception to date, we have processed $5.4bn. In 2019 alone, we processed over 107 million transactions, that’s over two times the transaction count for 2018!

Countries added this year

10 Countries

We officially launched in South Africa this year, bringing our total number to TEN African countries! Taking the continent on, one country at a time. North Africa, we’re coming for you!

55,000 New Merchants!

That brings our total number to 86,000 small, medium and enterprise businesses sending and receiving payments through Flutterwave on a daily basis.

Barter users trend

100,000 Users

We almost tripled our customer base for Barter this year, now over 100,000 of you enjoy all the benefits of a handy, financial better half that understands your daily transaction needs.

Here’s to making even better financial decisions in 2020 with Barter 🥂

Barter transactions trend


That’s the total value of transactions in we processed through Barter in 2019!


That’s the total number of transactions carried out on Barter in 2019.

Product Updates & Features

Barter got Better, Rave got smarter, and we got some smashing results this year!

Flutterwave + Alipay Integration

Flutterwave X AliPay

We partnered with Alipay to open up more opportunities for some of the businesses using Flutterwave to scale globally. Now they have access to almost 1 billion potential customers because they can receive payments from China.

Pay with Bank Transfer Screenshot

Pay with Bank Transfer

Halfway through the year when we implemented our version of Pay with Bank Transfer in Nigeria, we had NO idea how well it’ll do.

We knew our customers preferred paying via Bank Transfer, and we wanted to find the sweet spot between making life easier for businesses using Flutterwave, and their customers.

Now, we have a whopping total of over 165,000 transactions using this feature!

Invoice Generation Screenshot


This was long overdue, and we finally made it happen! We introduced invoicing on Flutterwave to help businesses track their revenue in a more seamless way.

We’re still testing and working out the kinks based on your feedback but we’re looking forward to making it even better in 2020.

Instant Settlements dashboard notice

Instant Settlements

What’s better than making payments? Getting paid! What’s better than getting paid after 24 hours? Getting paid immediately!

So we made it happen this year because our merchants asked for it. We made it possible for our merchants in Nigeria to receive payments INSTANTLY.

Barter Updates

Barter got Better

Barter got a facelift, AGAIN! We’re constantly improving Barter, and this year wasn’t any different. We changed the look, made it smarter and we introduced so many great new features!

Barter Premium

For our Nigerian users, we introduced Barter Premium - with more functions, giving you even more control. You can now make withdrawals from your virtual dollar cards. We also added a Pay with Bank Transfer option.

Powered by Flutterwave

This year we wanted to connect with the people who make up our Flutterwave Community and Family more - our merchants, our Barter customers, and our Developer Community.

So we started the Flutterwave Developer Network halfway through the year, and when we heard of the crisis in the community, we knew we had to step in.

Flutterwave Developer Job Fair

Flutterwave Developer Job Fair

How do you put a Job Fair with over 400 developers and 40+ companies in attendance together in 3 days? Will power and a team that works together like a well-oiled machine!

When we heard about the job crisis in the community, we knew we had to do something, and that’s exactly what we did. We put our first job fair together, and through the job fair, a number of developers were able to find amazing job opportunities.

Livespot X Festival with Cardi B

Livespot X Festival featuring Cardi B

For the first time ever, Cardi B visited West Africa in 2019. And we were right there, powering the payments for her concert in partnership with Livespot 360.

One of the most memorable experiences for us in the year.

Glove Pay Prank


Remember #Glovepay? The amazing new piece of tech that allows you to make payments with only a handshake!

We announced that we had invented it - but all it took were some kitchen gloves, a QR code printed on a sticker, and a willing ‘keke’ driver in Lagos to put it together.

Unfortunately, we have not yet invented a seamless handshake-only means of payment, it was an April Fools’ Day prank! But maybe we should make it happen in 2020.

We’ve had a pretty amazing year, we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!

Let’s go, 2020!